Gusto! Coffee Shop Exterior sign with flat cut letters

Flat cut letters are possibly one of the easiest ways to create high-quality signage for all areas of your business. At BJ Signs, we can create all types of flat cut letters and logos to your exact brand guidelines. Whether you choose flat cut letters made from high quality acrylic or from aluminium or stainless steel, our lettering has the ability to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Surprisingly cost effective, flat cut letters can be used to significant effect to represent your brand or to put a message across. And, whether you choose to fix your lettering flush against the wall with adhesive or have them raised slightly by way of small studs to create an intriguing shadow effect, our flat cut letters are a work of art that needs no further ornamentation.

A Choice of Flat Cut Letters and Logos

We design and fabricate flat-cut letters in-house at our premises in Burnley in a range of materials depending on your specific requirements. These include:

  • Acrylic flat cut lettering – lightweight and versatile in a mirror, brushed or coloured finish
  • Aluminium Lettering and logos can be painted to match your brand or logo
  • Stainless Steel letters and logos – expensive but worth it!
  • Available with cut or polished edges
  • Full laser cutting service available
  • Can be manufactured as mounted letters to give an interesting border effect.

Quality Counts at BJ Signs

Over the last twenty years, we’ve built a reputation based on the quality of our products and the quality of our service. When you choose BJ Signs for your flat cut letters you can expect:

  • Rapid Delivery – we can design, produce and install (if required) your new lettering with x working days.
  • First-class Finish – all our flat lettering is finished to the highest possible standards to your precise instructions.
  • Superior Skills and Extensive Experience – with over two decades of experience, our letter making skills are second-to-none. However, we continue to learn and expand our skill base in line with new technologies.
  • Customer Satisfaction – we aim to give 100% satisfaction whether we’re dealing with an individual or with a larger business. As 80% of our orders come from repeat custom, we think we’ve got our customer service just right.

Make a Statement with Flat-Cut Lettering

Flat cut letters are the ideal way to create memorable signage both indoors and out. Due to the extensive variety of sizes, options and materials available, they’ve always been a popular medium for producing signs of all descriptions. At BJ Signs, we specialise in fabricating bespoke pieces that are designed to help you promote a service or product in an effective and engaging way at an extremely cost-effective price.

Contact us now by calling 01282 454807 or email us at, and let BJ Signs create flat cut lettering that will spell out precisely what your business is all about.