Built Up and illuminated letters signage

Creating signage that really stands out from the rest is easy when you choose built up letters. At BJ Signs, our skilled manufacturing team using specialised machinery to make bespoke 3-D built up letters that will represent you and your brand beautifully.

We’re able to produce our high-quality built up lettering in a variety of text styles and materials including acrylic, aluminium, brushed and polished stainless steel, and we can even create logos too. Available in non-illuminated, halo or face illuminated options, our built-up letters are the ideal signage solution for businesses of all sizes.

Whether used on their own or incorporated into other signage, built up lettering is the perfect way to create eye-catching, distinctive signs that can be used as shop signage, display signs and directional and wayfinding signs.

Customised Built Up Lettering

We manufacture built-up letters using a variety of methods in a variety of materials depending on your specific requirements.

  • Choice of metal or acrylic letters
  • Bespoke sizes and typefaces
  • An extensive colour range and variety of finishes are available
  • Matching of bespoke colours
  • Choice of flat faced, rim and return, rimless, bevelled and prismatic styles
  • Vector artwork
  • Can be halo or face illuminated with LEDs
  • Cut using either a router or laser cutting machinery
  • Hand assembled by qualified specialists
  • Metal lettering can be powder coated or stove enamelled

Quality with a Capital Q

By choosing BJ Signs to provide your built-up letters, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting superior quality lettering that has been manufactured with care and precision. However, with over two decades in the sign making business, we offer much more than just a letter making service. With us you’ll receive:

  • Fast Turnarounds – we can design, manufacture and install your new lettering with x working days.
  • High-Quality Finish – we finish all our built-up lettering by hand to ensure a flawless finish.
  • Expertise and Experience – we have over twenty years of experience and expertise, and we continue to learn and improve our services year after year.
  • Customer Service – with over 80% of our business coming from existing customers, we must be doing something right!

Spell Out Your Services with Built Up Lettering

Ensuring that your brand or logo is artfully presented is key to attracting and engaging both your existing and new customers, so it pays to buy the best built-up lettering you can afford. At BJ Signs we deliver exceptional quality lettering at exceptionally affordable prices so that you don’t have to worry about blowing your budget.

We’ll help you to spell out your services with expertly-made built up lettering that can be used for standalone signs or incorporated into other forms of signage.

So get in touch with us here at BJ Signs today by calling 01282 454807 or emailing us at office@bjsigns.co.uk, and we’ll create a sign that will do all the talking for you.